Collaborator Information

Thank you in advance for using our new enhanced collaborator system.  This is a step we’ve taken to achieve and maintain compliance within the minefield of data privacy requirements.  We value your continued referrals and will do everything we can to make this transition as easy as possible for your practice!

The below information will go over the following:




You will need to complete a one time registration here:

Or you may have received an email invitation from [email protected] on behalf of our practice, which will include a registration link.  If you’re not receiving the invite email from us, please select the below link and register your free account here (you can ignore any BUY NOW options):     




Register a new user:  Register here: 

  • ignore all options to BUY NOW.  You can use this system as a free user…
  • If you already have an account, skip down to “Request old Cases” 

Request Old Cases:  PBHS Support who provides this service, can add these old cases within our new portal.  

Once you have a registered username (which would be your email), please email [email protected] with the following request:

Please move my old legacy collaborator cases to MySecurePractice Account, here is my information:

  • My new username just registered for MySecurePractice is:  [include user name]
  • My prior user/email on the old PBHS Collaborator is: [include username] & [include email of user].    

Support will email you back once this request has been completed.  

Accessing (OLD) Data on MySecurePractice: 

  1. Login to
  2. Select “View Cases
  4. This will give you a list of all submitted cases, you can:
    • Save down the entire collab case as a PDF by selecting the “View” button.  This will include any attachments embedded within the PDF as well.
    • Additionally, if there is any images attached with this case- you can save those physical attachments by selecting the “Attachments” option.  This will only show for any given case with attachments.