After Exposure of An Impacted Tooth

Exposure and bracket of an impacted tooth is a common procedure. An exposure is a procedure to expose a tooth that is impacted beneath the gum tissue and prepare it for realignment by your orthodontist, with whom we work closely. Post-operative care is very important.

Day of Surgery

The day of surgery, you will leave with gauze in place, extra gauze will be sent home with you as well. Once you are home, change your gauze and make sure to moisten it with cold water prior to placement. Continue to change gauze every 30-45 minutes until the bleeding has subsided. Some bleeding or redness in the saliva is normal the first 24 hours. Heavy bleeding is uncommon with this procedure, if concerns arise, please call our office.

Patients that have received anesthesia should go home immediately and lie down where their head elevated (30-45 degrees). You will feel drowsy or sleep for 4-6 hours after your surgery. Someone must stay with you for at least 8 hours and assist you when getting up or down or any other movements. If you experience any nausea/vomiting, please call our office and we will get a prescription called into your pharmacy.

Pain and Medications

You should begin taking Ibuprofen 600mg three hours after your procedure. Keep going with the Ibuprofen one tablet three times a day for 5-6 days. If you are experiencing severe pain, you may have been given an alternate pain medication. Take the pain medication as directed. If pain persists, call our office at Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number (912) 634-6600.


Swelling may occur after your procedure. Ice packs are to be used 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for the first two days after surgery. It is normal for the swelling to peak day 3 after your surgery. Switch to moist heat instead of the ice pack.


Be sure to drink plenty of fluids after your surgery. You will be on a soft diet for 5-6 days, avoid hard and crunchy foods. Examples of soft foods are: oatmeal, yogurts, puddings, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soups, etc.

Oral Care and Hygiene

You will start some gentle warm salt water rinses the day after your surgery. Continue rinses for 5-6 days after your surgery, 3-4 times a day. Remember, a clean wound heals better and faster.

Avoid brushing the surgical site for 5 days, brush your other teeth normally.

It is our desire that your recovery be as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about your progress or any symptom you are experiencing, please call your office at Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number Coastal Oral Surgery Phone Number (912) 634-6600. By calling this number you can reach Dr. Capes 24 hours a day.

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